Parent Committees


We can’t do it without you!

The committee descriptions below are designed to help you choose your area of interest. Each committee will be assigned a committee chair to coordinate the required activities. The chairperson will receive a list and e-mail addresses of committee members along with a budget and a detailed description of a “how to” will be distributed to all committee members once assignments are given out. It is important to realize that all PCT parents are essential to the success of this community based group. Parents with younger children are accommodated with responsibilities that can be fulfilled from home.

Concessions: Volunteers on this committee will assist the committee chair in stocking and setting up items for sale during the intermission of each performance. They will also be responsible for selling these items during one of the performances.

DVD Sales: The responsibilities of this job are to collect DVD sales at the show, track orders and organize a distribution system. In previous years, the distribution was for all parents to pick up their DVD from the chairpersons porch and check off their name that they took their DVD.

Cast Party: One of the highlights for the actors is the cast party which occurs immediately after the last performance (Sunday). This will require shopping for party goods and food and you must be available to set up, attend and clean up for this event. We will provide the chairperson with a detailed list and quantities. You will also be required to collect a permission slip from the actors. Cast party committee members will also need to coordinate with our photographer to run a slide show with pictures taken of cast, crew and volunteers.

Make-up and Hair: If you like to be part of the back stage excitement, hair and make-up maybe for you. The chairperson for this committee will be responsible for setting up a schedule prior to ticket sales so each committee person knows when they will be needed. This team will help prep our actors with hair and make-up. The committee chair will meet with the directors to determine what is required and will designate a team member as shopper for supplies. We also will add high school students if needed.

Performance Ticket Sales: We need people to sell tickets one hour prior to performances as well as help make seating charts for tickets that didn’t sell online prior to the performances.

Costume Committee: (Sewing helpful but not necessary)
Attend costume committee meetings as assigned by the chairperson. Assist costume designers by sewing, shopping, using a hot glue-gun & altering clothes. Also help with cutting and/or fitting of costumes and accessories on performers. Assist in keeping costumes organized and ready. Be available for crunch week/dress rehearsals and performances(usually one) to help:  distribute costumes, in dressing rooms and collect costumes after the shows. Help reorganize costumes and prepare to pack them away at the end of the production.

Social Media/Tech Marketing: We need a person/people to help manage the PCT Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as build excitement for ticket sales and performances on other Social Media outlets such as MOPs, DOPs, POPs, etc.

Sets: Handy individuals put together our sets. Carpentry skills are important but helpers are also needed, as well as some shoppers to buy supplies. A few members meet with the director to gain creative direction. All hands on deck needed to pitch in and break down the set after Sunday’s performance.

Set dressing: A fun committee that makes purchases and/or hunts for all kinds of interesting items for the set. Set dressing includes drapes, pillows, rocking chairs, radios. Some things can be found in your basement, some are purchased, and some are handmade. The director provides a list of necessary items. The committee needs to have one member at a time backstage during each performance. You will need to be responsible for ensuring that the set dressings are accounted for and ready to be taken on stage when needed. An important role and great way to be part of the fun!

Painting: This group is made up of novice and experienced individuals. We need designers, sketchers and painters. The committee chair will receive guidance from the directors. The painting work is late in the production season, because we need to wait until the sets are finished being made. The work is done in the evenings and on one weekend. Parents are welcome to bring their cast members to help out. The kids love it!

Props: Props are the items that the actors carry on and off stage. The director provides a complete list of props and the committee purchases or makes them. During the last (2) weeks, the committee sets up “the prop table” and supervises it during rehearsals and shows. The actors always covet those props! Prop committee members are responsible for handing out and taking back all props during performances.

Another great way to be involved in your children’s PCT experience.

Program Ad Sales: Good at sales? Or just a friendly Pelham mom or dad willing to make a call to the local businesses you support regularly? This group works together to fill our Playbill with local advertisements. Each team member will be given just 10-15 businesses in town to approach about buying an ad. Most businesses are happy to support the Pelham Children’s Theater…it’s unique to Pelham, it supports our children, it’s non-profit and it’s actually been the launching pad for some real acting careers! What more do we have to say? This beautiful Playbill serves two very important roles: it allows us to keep our registration fee affordable for everyone and it gives your child a great memento for what will surely be a memorable childhood experience!

Photographer: Take photos of the cast during the performance on and off the stage and create a slideshow to play at the cast party. For next year, we’re looking for this person, or another, to take the cast portraits for display at the show and for the family ads.

Family Ad Designer: Create new full, half and quarter page family ad designs, then create all the family ads for the playbill. Photos and copy will be supplied. Ads are black and white. Deliver in PDF format. Last years indesign file will be provided as a template. Knowledge of indesign is a must!